There are a lot of interesting parts related to the creation of a new game; the design, the mechanics of the game, the levels, the rewards, the player engagement, and much more. Part of the game development world depends on programmers who are supposed to write down the codes, but there are also artists, designers, and testers. If you want to work in the field of game development as a programmer then let’s introduce you to this world and what you should know about it.

What is Game Development?

Game development in its easiest definition is the art of creating a game, which includes…

It’s not just the devices you use on a daily basis that are now depending on machine learning and artificial intelligence, but ML and AI are actually getting into different fields to make things much easier. According to different studies, it was found that businesses that depend on machine learning turned out to gain more revenue than those who didn’t, and these businesses actually come from different fields, like Disney in 3D animation for example. Let’s see how ML and AI are actually influencing different fields out there.

It doesn’t matter which industry you are working in; you will always…

Everything is now depending on technology and that’s the reason why to be able to fit in the future, you should have some skills that would work as your boarding pass. Web and app development are considered from the skills that are needed more than ever, since people are using their laptops or scrolling through their mobile phones 24 hours. But what is mobile app development and how are you supposed to learn it? Keep reading this article to learn more.

What is App Development?

App development is considered one of the recent popular forms of coding that are found…

Machine learning is actually taking a great part of our everyday life, it is the process that powers many of the services we use today, such as the recommendation systems on Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify, the search engines like Google and Baidu, social media feeds like Twitter and Facebook, or even the voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Becoming a machine learning engineer or a data scientist is what machine learning education will offer you, along with understanding how to enable a system to learn from data rather than through programming.

What is Machine Learning?

To learn machine learning, it is first important to…

Do you know that the employment of web developers is projected to grow 13% from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average of all occupations? Tech-related jobs are now more in-demand to keep up with the technological changes taking place in every other aspect, asking for skilled people to fill them, since it is expected that most of the coding jobs in the future will exceed the number of employees.

Working from home is not new to the world, it has actually been implemented since a long period of time, but it usually depends on the person’s type of job. Ever since coronavirus went viral, all those who could do their jobs from home, stayed safe there, and a lot of international companies proved their success and are even considering the idea of working from home to be their future.

Technology with no doubt is a field that is growing fast and changing all the time, creating most of the top future needed jobs in this field. One critical problem always facing employers is the lack of those skilled people who could fill such positions, since there are more jobs than the number of people who could do them, it is even predicted that by 2030, the talent shortage in the field of technology, media, and telecommunications will reach 4.3 million. In order to guarantee a successful future job, it is important to prepare yourself for the technological skills needed.

Effect of the Technological Change

With all the technological inventions appearing in our world, there are job postings and roles appearing along the way According to Cyber States, about 307,000 new tech jobs were added in the past year, and the number of software and web developers reached 1.6 million, which is the largest and fastest growing category of tech jobs. This only highlights the importance of the technical skills that every person must have to guarantee a future job, which include learning more about coding and programming, and getting more into the world of web development and machine learning.

What is Full Stack Web Development?

Among the fields of programming…

Technology has been taking over our lives for a long period of time, leaving no chance for a person to sit without a mobile phone for the whole day, and making it impossible for employees to get their work done without a laptop and a connection to the internet. This turned schools’ focus to coding and teaching students as young as kindergarten how to code , which might be useful but still carries along some of the drawbacks. …

When the world comes to face a new global issue, there are always some changes that come along to take place as an aftermath for the whole situation. Even though some of these consequences turn out to be unpleasant, others tend to change many aspects of life due to their success, such as the case with online education. Society and business are always affected by everything happening around the world; wars, economic crises, pandemics, etc. …


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